Just Moved In?


Knowing certain information in advance can really help if you experience a leak or a blown fuse. When you move in to a new flat, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the following:

- Where is your fuse box?

If you have problems with your electricity supply, check your fuse box for any blown fuses or switches which can be reset.

- Where is your stop cock?

This can often be found under the kitchen sink. If any of your plumbing springs a leak the supply of cold water to your property can be turned off, preventing water damage to your belongings and even other flats in the building.

Find out who your local authority is:


They are usually responsible for refuse collection so if you have any problems or questions regarding this please contact them directly.

Often your are responsible for paying the council tax due on a property, it is your responsibility to set this up and notify the council when you move.

Who Supplies My Utilities?

You are usually responsible for paying for your utility bills (Gas, Electricity and Water). 

You should receive letters in the post addressed to 'The Occupier' or yourselves from the current suppliers of your utilities within the first couple of weeks of your tenancy. Using these you can set up accounts with the existing supplier. 

Or follow the link below for advice on how to find your current suppliers and switching: 


Who you want as your Gas and Electricity supplier is up to you. You can pick your own supplier and open an account with them straight away. 

To find out who supplies your water follow the link below: